February 23, 2006

Metal Sculpture
ah-so by Ron Fountain

Ron is a collector of metal scraps, bits and pieces of things which most of us never take notice of again once we are through with them. He collects these things and organizes them, putting them in little boxes, nooks and crannies to find them easily when he needs them. In his studios - yes, he has taken over most of the spaces in the house he and his wife share in Brookfield, NH there are homages to most everything whimsical, mechanical and otherwise once moving.
When you drift through his home - turned - museum you see his different periods of work neatly displayed in each room. Outside in his yard are the large iron pieces which help you find him to begin with. He lives in the sticks as we say in New England. The works which appeal to me most are his wall sculptures and mobiles. This piece shown today is approximately 48 inches tall and 18 inches wide. It is speaks of parasols and rickshaw wheels. It was part of artstream's Ekphrastic art project, phase I. (stay tuned for the flip flop of this project in November/December of this year) Three poems - two in haiku form were inspired by this work. Ron has a style all of his own, however reminiscent of Louise Nevelson, it blooms in spoons and forks, bicycle spokes, fan parts and refrigerator elements all on its own. His work is very affordable with small sculptures starting at $35 up to his wall sculptures at $300. Stop by artstream or email us for more views of his work. We always have something new from Ron.

The word for today is ... divine! ... as in a fine piece of silk, a well performed tango, and a 3 p.m. nap

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