February 24, 2006

Artist Profile:
Kris Lanzer

Kris Lanzer, visual artist, makes sculptures and installations. The latest work of hers is an
installation entitled "In the Dead of Winter"
The work had been in progress over the past year. It is a time specific piece - it had to be in the dead of winter.
The idea sparked from a coversation with artstream late last year encouraging Kris to think about another installation this year, after her 2003 piece was such a success... She started thinking about the winter months directly following the craziness of the holidays.
Kris Lanzer says: It is now the post holiday season, the season of silence,death and darkness. Unwittingly I yearn for this time of year. It is the time to dig deep, to bury myself in silence, and endure nature's nap. Before long, restlessness will stir, light will overtake the darkness, and a renewed voice will deafen the silence.

It will be disassembled and reused in an upcoming play as the set of "The Cemetery Club" by Ivan Menchell done by Eddie's Roving Theater. The Spotlight Magazine from Portsmouth has nominated it for a "Spotlight Award". We created a video documentary to keep the installation in tack in our memory. Thanks go to Kris for keeping our small corner of New England alive with installations. She makes us stop and think for a moment about the quieter things in our over busy lives. For more information about her work contact us at artstream or through her studio space in Rollinsford, NH.

The word of the day is ... frosty ... as in ... a not - so - nice - stare, a car window in winter and a nice cold beer (it's Friday again!)

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