February 01, 2006

Meet the Alien.

Here are some of the 114 odd Aliens I made for the Rochester Public Library Children's Room Summer Reading Program.

When I was a child, our library had a program where for every ten books you read,up to 100, you received a small ceramic prize based on a the theme for the summer program. One year it was the jungle, with the lion being the prize for the 100th book. One year it was an underwater sea adventure with the golden buried chest being the end prize, (I still have mine!) These fabulous tiny works of art were all made by hand by art students at the local college.

Well, this was a special time, as my darling children say, "The olden days" when TV was black and white, (Hey mom, was the world black and white too? a five-year-old's wisdom), and we read a lot of books in the summer.

This past year I felt overly nostalgic and shot my mouth off about how I would make little ceramic aliens for the end of the summer prizes. Their theme was "Reading is out of this world" or "Take me to your Reader"
Didn't think too much about how many kids would make it to the end of the summer program...

Marie in the children's room thought that around 100 would be enough. (oh my!) I wanted to be sure that nobody was turned away - or alienated.

It was great fun making these small creatures. They are all a wee bit special and different from one another, but all in all, just like us, are the same inside.

They went to good homes and I hear that they are adjusting well to life here on earth.

the word for the day is:

Adjust... like in your attitude, your skirt, your perspective

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