February 02, 2006

The feeling of walking on air... or better yet, the reality of wearing a work of art which nurtures your foot day after day.

These are the shoes of the Cordwainer Shop right here in the great state of NH. These shoes have been made the same way by hand custom fit to your foot since the 1930's!

And my friend Molly has been stitchin up a storm with her husband Paul making them for the likes of these famous folks to name a few:
Sonia Henie (I personally saw the skates hanging at their shop last Sunday, what a thrill!)
Shirley Temple
Caesar Romero
William F Buckley
Robert Walker
William Loeb
Henry Ford-(yes, the real Henry Ford)
Valerie Harper
Julie Kavner
Bill Murray
Dana Ivey
Joe Perry
Lindsey Wagner
Michael Douglas
Carly Simon
Sally Jessy Raphael
Juliet Prouse
Debra Winger
Jane Withers
Timothy Hutton
Julie Christie
Demi Moore
Jennifer Tilly ... to name a few... and most of all, they look so great and unique on your foot!
Now there are a few things in this world of which I will not compromise on, foot comfort is at the top of my list. Art is a very close second. Why fill your life with mass produced stuff which doesn't last a year, which you will see at, (or on) the next cocktail party given by a coworker, when you can purchace one quality item which will perform perfectly, can be repaired if damaged and still live a long long life (with you of course) and look stunningly unique along the way? I say buy quality and enjoy forever!
Contact Molly and Paul at the Cordwainer Shop -- give them a ring to fit your deserving dogs with a pair of shoes made just for you.

The word for today is:

Deserve as in you are worthy, you shall be served, and justification!

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