February 03, 2006

Ever feel like you just can't please everyone?
I think that in life, especially as a woman, this happens daily. The more roles we take on in our life the more complicated that feeling becomes.Floating though the day as a student/mother/artist/waitress/clerk/wife/partner/
daughter/million other possiblities woman that life can get intense. Which can be a good thing. It can inspire.
Artist Jackie Hernandez fresh in from NJ brought this piece of artwork to my attention last month.. and it struck a nerve. It is every-girl. At first glance you would think that it is staight collage, a gluing of a variety of ephemera to paper.
But no, here is an excerpt from her site describing the technique:
"The images I create are produced by hand using traditional
photography techniques, rather than by computer manipulation. I have developed a method for dissecting and reassembling photographs into montages. Although tedious, the result is a more raw and unaltered piece. Each image I select has its own strong and unique meaning. When several of these stand-alone images are worked together i
nto a single piece, they become part of a more complex and interrelated message.
Almost all my photomontages appear in my own dreams and desions, which are frightening to most people. For example, the theme of suicide or losing oneself is evident in one of my pieces called “Undone”. I welcome these nightmares and translate them into my work. It can be said it is all in my head."-Jackie Hernandez
The piece of artwork is a demure 8 inches by 10 inches framed and is available for $75. Yes, even in this world filled with copycat look-alike prints of everything which has already come before and has to come around again, there is still affordable original art.
And Jackie Hernandez creates it. Contact her or artstreamstudios.com for more information.

The word for the day is:

Sparkle ...as in diamonds, your personality, and the stars


angela said...

very cool. and very true.

i've recently spent much thought on all the things we are as woman, such an overwhelming subject. sensitve and enpowering in one.

glad you showed this art and spoke your thoughts.

and again, so in love with the word of the day. that's a special one!

Susan Schwake said...

thank you angie,
check out jackie's site... there are a few more of her works there.
a sparkly day to you -- too!