October 13, 2014

Printing with Apples from Art for All Seasons

It's nearing the end of apple picking season here in New Hampshire and the pies, crisps and sauces begin to appear everywhere.  It's a time I always enjoyed with my children - walking the orchards and picking the best apples we could reach!

 So today I want to share a tradition from our home and straight from my new book Art for All Seasons which will come out next month! We are going to make some apple print napkins or table runners for our harvest dinners with a few simple steps. Enjoy!


2 apples
Fabric ink 
Brayer (affiliate link)
Old Cookie sheet
Cotton fabric or pre-made napkin 
Paper towel
  1.  Cut your apples in half both from the stem side down and across the middle. This will create two different prints: one "heart" and one "star"
  2.  Spread out your fabric over a few layers of newspaper. 
  3. Roll out some water based fabric paint or ink on a cookie sheet with a brayer until smooth. Be sure not to spread it too far as it will dry to quickly.
  4. Roll the smoothed ink onto your apple until covered.
  5. Press the inked apple onto your fabric in a desired pattern.
  6. Let dry and iron the fabric with a clean sheet of paper covering the design, to set the ink.

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