May 02, 2014

May Basket tutorial

Cut a circle of any size out of wallpaper or other heavyweight paper. Use straight or wavy edged scissors. Create scallops if you want to get fancier! You may also start with a half circle and skip the next step.

Cut a wedge out of the circle

Wrap the circle into a cone shape

Staple the cone at the seam

Admire your cone!

Cut a second circle to cone shape for a liner.  I used vellum, but any paper works! Doilies are wonderful additions!

From the remaining paper or another coordinating paper cut a hanfle.

Staple the handle on to the cone.

Voila! You can tie a ribbon on the basket or punch holes around the edge and thread ribbon through.

Fill with flowers, candy, pussy willows and hang on a friend's door knob, ring the bell, and run! 

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