June 06, 2013

Five fast ones! with Lisa Solomon ...

Thinking about joining us for Art{retreat}Camp? Want to know more about the instructors? Well, you are in for a treat! Today we asked Lisa Solomon these five fast questions to give you all a little more insight into who these instructors are and what their being at ARC will do for YOU!

I could have been more pleased to have Lisa Solomon be on board with us for this adventure. I am a huge fan of this lady - her art work and work ethic - is outstanding and her teaching skills are second to none. OK gushing aside, let's talk with Lisa!:name/location/favorite materials to work with

Lisa solomon / Oakland CA / I don't think I've met a material I don't like
;). I'm generally known for working with drawing, embroidery, crochet,
1. What is your most fond memory of camp?

I clearly remember my sleep away camp when I was in junior high to
Catalina island - it was such a thrill to camp on the beach and swim and
be away from home. I came back 10 shades darker and remember loving that
feeling of a group being thrown together and bonding in a way that doesn't
happen in any other circumstance.

2. What do you want to share with your students at ARC?

I'm so excited to be teaching in a camp like setting with a small intimate
group of really inspiring teachers and students. My favorite thing about
teaching is really the simplicity of sharing knowledge. Sure I have
certain techniques and ideas from a more "seasoned" perspective to pass
onto students, but I learn so much from students too. I love the back and
forth, the questions, the inquisitiveness - there is such an interplay -
learning about one another, watching how students take what I have to
share and make it their own.

3. What is your favorite  outdoor summer activity?

I think it has to be swimming. But honestly I'm kind of looking forward to
making real live s'mores around a campfire. We'll be able to do that right?
*ARC:  Susan Schwake: YES!

4. What's on your nightstand?
Right now - buddhas in the attic … my phone charger, lip balm, box of
kleenex. Wow that is so unexciting.

5. What are your current artistic endeavors include? (Please freely
promote whatever you are up to here!!!)

In the studio I'm currently working on a body of work for my next solo
show at Fouladi Projects that will open in November of 2013. The entire
show is dedicated to "sen" which is 1000 in Japanese. You are correct if
you guess there is a lot of counting going on. http://fouladiprojects.com/

I'm also about to install a polaroid show that I curated at Rare Device
called Instant Noun.

Thanks so much Lisa - rest assured we will be heavily stocked with s'mores ingredients!

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yay for smores !!!! ;D