April 02, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!

It's April 2 and my mother's birthday! She was always there for me growing up, helping me achieve my artistic dreams, encouraging me to try things I didn't know (like piano lessons for over 10 years!) and taking me to art lessons every Saturday morning. She made sure we went on adventures and to camp in the summer. I am so grateful for my mother's guidance and her spirit even when things were not perfect for her. She was a secretary at the Pentagon for Admiral Byrd in the 50's when he was exploring Antarctica. She went to Syracuse University and was an accomplished musician. She was a church organist in many different churches and sang solos in the choir.

Today - like every day for the past 5 years she has lived with us and is cared for by us as she lost her sight to macular degeneration. She doesn't play the piano anymore as she reads music and does not play by ear. She listens to books on CD and has a program that she attends with other people her age.  She still loves to sing however and music is still obviously a passion.  My daughters are completely happy that the have become so close to her during the past five years as prior to her moving in, she lived far away and was working and busy most of the time. Her visits were short so they didn't know her well.  It's been a readjustment for sure, trying at times and full of busy days having her live with us and we are glad to give back to her for what she did for our family all her life.  Happy Birthday Mom!

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