June 06, 2012

Flowers make happy!

my most favorite blooms are in petal pink
today's bouquet of peonies
This year I am also growing zinnias as an annual - and hopefully some marigolds from seed. Will report on that as they emerge more. It's wonderful to have them inside all around the house to take the gloom of the rain away! Daughter Chloe's drawing a bit - inspired by our flowers:

ink and watercolor

tiny bouquet on the table with Lu Summer's porcelain mug 

the white ones have pink middles!

I am thinking of starting a little series of oil paintings too of the bouquets - we'll see how that goes.


Igloo said...

If flowers make you happy and have already inspired pictures and drawings you should definitely think about painting some watercolours too!

Jenni said...

I love the photos of your peonies and would love to see the paintings of them, sounds like a great idea