May 01, 2012

Workshops, New York and dragons, oh my!

From our Big Art Night Playful Printmaking workshop!
Outside the Strand Bookstore on the streets of NYC

Building a dragon with Rochester Middle Schoolers for the Mythology project

So much busy art adventures going on at the moment that it almost makes my head spin! It's all good stuff though!  Don't forget to stop by the pages at FB for more Art Lab for Kids and artstreamstudios gallery! More later in the week as we are hanging a new show tonight which I am *so excited* about! Stay tuned for a post on the beauty which is going to blow your mind!

Just  one of the many happy faces at the NH Children's Museum's workshop last Saturday


Jill said...

so much goodness, oh my!!
xo and smiles~ jill

susanna said...

Oh how cute is that creature in the final photo. Good job, kiddo!