October 03, 2011

O Canada, O New England the opening!

Last week was a whirlwind within the gallery - lots of art being finished up, wired up and set up. Darryl Berger (from the wildly popular blog red-handed) drove down from Ontario (O Canada) to lend a hand setting up the show and getting right into the opening night festivities. What a great crowd on Saturday evening - attending Art Stroll here in Rochester. Deep conversations about the work ensued and lots of little fun cards were handed out that evening. Stop by the gallery if you haven't seen the show yet and check it out now online in our shop!

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susanna said...

Congratulations, Susan! Your artwork is wonderful. I particularly like the painting, Witch Window. I had no idea that old homes in Vermont often have slanted second floor windows. Interesting!

Thank you for introducing us to Darryl Berger. His blog posts are so funny! And his artwork is also interesting. I like that he creates characters that seem to come with a good story.