September 21, 2011

Quilting Bee by Kathreen Ricketson

Was really excited today when I opened my mailbox - a big box filled with books to peruse from Chronicle books.  First and most exciting was from my friend from Whip up, Kathreen Ricketson. Her new book Quilting Bee which may I begin with the gushing over the cover. It's beautiful. Once you hop into the first pages you notice straight away that the cover lies flat. Bravo! Nothing works better when using a book at a sewing machine than this little feature.
Inside you will find lovely projects in quilting that are not only modern and unique in pattern  but really achievable for most crafters. The idea of using up "little bits" of fabric and fat quarters appeals to me.  I am often overwhelmed by quilting patterns and  must say that this book with it's clear instructions and fabulous photography put me right at ease.
The Sunny Day Mat was really my favorite project and am thinking that might be a sweet little gift for a little someone I know!
Want to see more?  Click through here!.  Notice the Liberty book up there on top? More on that coming ...

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