August 05, 2011

August song

all time favorite, Diana's Baths
the beautiful river at the Inn
happy, though we don't look it...
top of Cathedral Ledge, prior to three climbers popping over the face to greet us!
on the top of Mt Washington - clear day 6288ft.

So, a few days have passed.. my birthday did too, including a special weekend away with my love and a whole lot of back to nature time. Just what was needed! Swiming for an entire day in a river was the grandest of luxuries I could imagine. The bonus was being surrounded by mountains and sheer quiet. bliss!
But back to work and luckily for me, I love that a lot. The last week of summer classes is always a fun time, this summer was no exception! Everyone worked so hard and the process was exciting to all and the results were delightful.
We just finished rounding out our Fall/Winter/Spring 2011-12 so that should be posting up on our site right here today.
Don't forget to stop by our Art Stroll on Saturday night from 5-7 p.m. as well to see Out of the South! It's jammed with incredible works in a wide variety of media. New little works are coming in this next week too. Stay tuned!

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Cally said...

Happy Birthday Susan!
Sounds like a blissful time swimming and being surrounded by beauty. WOnderful to hear about. I could probably swim here today, we've had a LOT of rain, more due tomorrow, talk of floods on the news. Glad MrP cut the grass this morning before it really kicked in.