July 15, 2011

coneflowers arrive

coneflowers by artstreamstudios
coneflowers, a photo by artstreamstudios on Flickr.

Happy weekending all! These favorites of ours opened their sleepy heads today and well, are simply blowing us away with their color. Here's to midsummer and all the wonderful colors it brings!


lisa solomon said...

happy summer to you !
ours came in too [we have white ones!]

susanna said...

Beautiful garden, Susan. What I love best about these flowers are all the butterflies that they attract. Sounds like you are having a good summer. :)

Susan Schwake said...

thanks susanna! it's been wonderful so far. and damn hot.
lisa - we have white ones too, which i dearly love but every single year something ets the petals before i can spray them with soapy water. makes me so sad. they look like teddy bears wtihout their petals.