June 26, 2011

Summertime classes begin ...

Sylvia is missing by Molly Bosley available here
Hello Sunday evening, all midsummery and wonderfully warm again! Putting away my warmer blankets, (again), throwing open the windows to let the frog and bird sounds drift though the house makes me feel like this time, Summer is finally going to stay.

Tomorrow at artstream our summer classes begin! It's always exciting to have new and old faces combine in the classroom with short sleeves (no rolling up necessary!) and sometimes the back door flung open to hear the rushing of the river. There is still time to sign up for an evening teen or adult class and a couple of spots in my printmaking class... don't hesitate to phone or email me if you have questions about the classes. And! oh yes - special interest in photography? Meryl Truett will be here on the 15 and 16th of July with two SPECTACULAR workshops! Sign up until 7/6 for her workshops. Check us out on facebook for upcoming events, promotions and news too.

And a little update on my book ... it's almost finished and that is the most exciting news of the day! Of course it's not available until March 2012, but still ... it's coming along! Hopefully I can give you all a little peek at part of it at some point soon.

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Be Colorful Coastal said...

love that piece.It is eerily peaceful and beautiful with a bit of pop whimsy. :)
Didn't know you were writing a book. Yay you. I will be watching for it early next year. Congrats, Pam