June 10, 2011

Art Esprit (the nonprofit org) new project!

Hello Friday ... It's been a week, a full one filled with a carnival of lovely art (just take a look above and below at what is in our gallery right now!)
and lots of great news on my book (it's coming along nicely!) as well as gearing down from school classes (we had our traditional end of the year exhibition at the RPL) and well, gearing UP for the summer classes ...
Bonus time: Last Saturday Art Esprit - the Greater Rochester non profit for literary and visual arts (yes the same name as this blog!)
created a sculpture with 500 panels from the community!! It's incredible.
Please take a moment and pop over to see it here online or stop by on your way to Rochester. So much arty goodness in this little city! Read all about it here at the WIRE NH too -- should be up after 6/11/11 ...

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Geek+Nerd said...

That is SO awesome, Susan!!! I cannot wait to check this out in person.