May 06, 2011

This and that

grace in france
Busy time here, so there I'll let the photos do the talking - Daughter Grace is graduating from college tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow! She will have earned herself a BA in English a BA in French and a minor in Creative writing. Yes we are proud of her. We have an opening during the day 10-4 tomorrow as well at artstream featuring the beautiful spring work of Emily Marie Cox called Spring is in the Air
Along side that we are hosting a group of comic book/illustrative artsits for Free Comic Book Day, supported by Jet Pack Comics- a way cool store across the street from us filled with amazing artists and fun loving people.
My book: Art Lab for Kids is finished and getting it's final touches before sending it off to my lovely publisher. Can't tell you how wonderful that is! Happy happy times here!
chloe with some of her fabulous porcelain earrings
Daughter Chloe has finished up her work for her AP art class and I had to show you one of her pieces here: the deer head which she made from plaster and paint is just incredible.
Among other things, I can't wait to have it up in our home somewhere! She's going to have a booth at the Strawberry Banke Sundays in Portsmouth this summer too - so look for her there!
Summer classes are starting to fill up at the studio too - so grab a spot now while you can still select something and get your art on!
some of my mixed media class
See you next week!


Unknown said...

congratulations! on your beautiful daughter's success. happy mothers day Susan!

Geek+Nerd said...

Free Comic Book Day? Sowa Market coming to Portsmouth? The Seacoast just got exponentially cooler...didn't think it was possible! (I. LOVE. LIVING. HERE)

red-handed said...

Good on Grace! Who would ever guess you'd have kids this age?

Susan Schwake said...

thank you milady and hee hee hee DJ. who would guess? well, the bags under my eyes and the grey hair is quite a tell tale sign. but gee -- thanks! :D how sweet.

jill nalette said...

you have done such a wonderful job with your girls! both are talented in their own ways + you let that spark for them. congrates to grace, chole on her beautiful art and congrates to you on motherhood and amazing art classes! the new show looks fabulous!

BIG hugs and smiles~ jill

MagicMarkingsArt said...

I just found you through PoppyTalk - and am delighted. I also teach art to children and congratulate you on your book. I look forward to my future visits here.

susanna said...

Lots of good things are happening for the Shwake family! Congratulations to your daughter, Grace, on her graduation. This is an exciting time for her. And yes, that deer head that Chloe made is terrific. It reminds me of English gardens and chintz - with an extra boost of coolness. Really, I can see it featured in the pages of Elle Decor UK.

CatCat said...

Wow! I definitely love the earrings of Chloe. I also adore the deer.haha

Thanks for sharing,
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