February 18, 2011


I never blog too much about clothing or shoes, but while heading over to Zappos today for a little look, I found these sneakers. I love them. Bonus! Made by Dansko. FIT! I had been planning to buy a pair of Toms for the summer, but these are going to be in the running I am sure. Just something about red sneakers which make me gasp.


red-handed said...

Must be so nice, to be able to buy shoes like that.
-- from a size fifteen'er
p.s. Nice colour, too.

CB said...

There is something about red shoes. It is a color choice that can make your whole outfit "POP!" I admit to owning 5 different pairs. Maybe it's the Dorothy thing .

jill nalette said...

i think these are FABOLOUS!!
hugs and smiles~ jill

Cally said...

These look ace, i love red shoes, teal shoes, turquoise shoes. LOVE them. I also want green shoes but never find the shades I like.

I'm in bed with a cold, not had one for a few years (since I never have contact with anyone to catch anything these days) so I decided a wee blog read was in order to distract me from the tissue mountain threatening to swamp me.

Of course, now I want to start shoe shopping, they look so good, like a cross between a sneaker and a clog. I'm always keen on anything with a thick chunk of rubber to cushion my heels. My red fake clogs are about 6yrs old now - oh dear, i'm already justifying the need to myself!

I meant to email to say that I think my brother lives (relatively) near you. He moved to Willoughby Ohio for work. I've been having fantasies of being able to get old work out of storage and have him take it over, since postage is always the big problem/expense with these things. Of course I haven't mentioned this fabulous fantasy plan to him, I need to get him to owe me a favour first.

Ok, I shall read on now...Cx