December 02, 2010

Finishing touches

There was a lot of moving about and juggling to do to fit all this beauty into place, but it was totally worth the work. The three women (Heather Smith Jones, Lisa Solomon and Jen Garrido) who created work for Newness really did spectacular work. The IPS3 artists have sent incredible work from all corners of the globe and we have three inaugural "New Faces" emerging artists (Bella Bigos, Avery Turner and Shauna Foley) showcasing their crochet, paintings and jewelry!

Join us for a peek tomorrow at the gallery for a preview or ready to buy online - around 5 p.m. and then come back for the party on Saturday from 5-9.
Me? I am going to have a nap ...

1 comment:

jill nalette said...

susan, i hope to see you saturday night for the opening, but if not i may see you sunday.

hugs and smiles~ jill