November 15, 2010

Jerseymaids: Interview!

Today I wanted to bring to you an interview with Lauren Beacham from Jersymaids one of our newest lines of jewelry here at artstream. So read on to learn more about Lauren and her beautiful work and successful business!

Q:Tell us about your younger years relating to art ...

As a child I was in the indefinite mode of imagination and creativity.

Constantly drawing, painting, sculpting with clay, participating in the local

theater, I even had a knack for puppet shows! Art was a big part of my life in

all shapes and forms. My parents also made it a point to take me to museums,

plays, sign me up for classes involving the arts and really encourage that part

of my personality. I owe a lot to them for allowing me to pursue my passions

with no reservations.

Q:How did you decide to work full time on your art?

After college, where I received my Bachelor's degree in Fine Art

Photography, I had an abundance of prints from projects and my own experiments.

I decided to open up an online shop to try and clean house a bit. After I sold

my first piece, it was a mad addiction. Since that first sale, I have

transformed my images beyond the realm of 2D prints and created a large line of

functional art such as clocks, lamps, jewelry, cards, and other unique gifts

based exclusively on my Polaroids. The shop took off within just a few months

of opening and it's been on the steady uphill growth ever since. I still get a

rush with every sale, with every happy customer, with every crafty relationship

I get to form in this wonderful handmade life!

Q: What is the soundtrack playing behind your work?

My soundtrack is on constant shuffle. Throw in a little modern folk with

some old classics, a few dance-ables, a dash of 80s and 90s and that's a good

start! My music is easy to listen to, makes you feel good, and you always know

the words. I try to make my work reflect the same - easy to enjoy, fun,

colorful and dream-like with some hints to the old vintage classics we will

always love.

Q:What are your three favorite things in the world?

I don't know if I could sum it up in just three! But I would say the

people/animals I love, my music and my Polaroid camera equipment. I can't

imagine life being complete without them.

Q: What sort of advise would you give to someone starting out in your field?

Go with your gut. In this fast-paced digital world, I knew in my heart that

my place was with analogue photography. People think I'm crazy and if I had a

dime for everytime I heard "where on earth do you find the film?" or "it's so

expensive, I don't know how you can do it!" or "isn't there a Photoshop filter

that does that?" I would be a rich lady indeed. The thing is, there is nothing

quite like film out there. The way it captures light, the dreamy images, the

unexpected mistakes that become miracles, the anticipation, and the awe I always

feel of watching that image appear out of nowhere right in the palm of your hand

- waiting for what feels like ages for that old-school "instant" gratification.

It tries your patience, it pushes you to new limits, it makes you truly think

about what you're about to do. And most importantly, it still feels like

magic. I knew in my gut this is where I belonged and it's taken me farther than

I ever dreamed...and I know this is only the beginning.

Thank you so much Lauren for taking the time to do this interview! Lauren also does custom work with your images as commissions. Please contact us if you would like something special for your wedding (think bridesmaid gifts, groomsman gifts, etc!)


jill nalette said...

this is great! i love the work she has at artstream. wedding ideas are rolling in with the end comment.
hugs and smiles~ jill

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the pic of Lauren in full-on safety regalia. Ha! You go girl ...