October 08, 2010

Rainbow connection

Somehow this week just all fell into place. Beautiful skies each morning and night with so much packed in between, lots of exciting news on the horizon, but that will have to wait. So for now, here's a scene from late yesterday. I love rainbows ... they always come when you least expect it and seem to bring luck. Do you believe in luck? I am not sure if I do, but I believe in rainbows.

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Cally said...

Has identical view last week but our lampposts are lower and chunkier, other than that I'd have thought you took a photo from my steps looking North.

Well, I've had a lovely wee visit but the cold is swelling up my eye sockets so I think sleep is in order. It's been delightful to pop in for a proper peruse.

Ho ho, sleep will have to wait 5 mins, AP has just walked in with a bowl of mashed potato and cheesy leaks (cheesy sauce of his own soya recipe, even nicer than the real thing). Food to feed a cold.

Happy March, Love Cally xxx