October 11, 2010

Printing with Leaves and Watercolor

one of mine - as a card
one of the littles work
one of the children's work

one of my adults work
another one of mine - my favorite!
Today my adults and our preschoolers printed with leaves. The process is simple and fun and you can enjoy finding your favorite leaves outside before you start!
First - go out into the sunshine and find a leaf or two or three whose shape you admire. Then, take your watercolors and paint all of your favorite colors - fall like or not - onto a piece of paper. Let them dry.
Take some black printmaking ink and roll it out onto a smooth surface with a brayer.
Using the brayer, roll some ink onto the back of the leaf to cover the entire surface.
Flip the leaf over and press it gently onto the original watercolor painting.
These pantings can be used for cards, gift tags and wrapping paper if you wish - or just frame up your favorite and hang it on the wall.

1 comment:

susanna said...

Oooh, these are pretty. Not only would they look nice framed on a wall, but they'd make great cards and gifts for someone special.