July 18, 2010


It was a wonderful week at Cape Cod, with waves beyond belief, seafood, walks and lots of books. I read three books by Rachel Cusk and one by the Welch family. All good. It always is so relaxing at the beach with no real agenda but what time to leave for home or which type of food do we wish to nibble while spread on the blanket. I guess it was over due for all of us! Upon returning home, the first thing which we always run to see is the garden.
One zucchini which Iwas pretty sure was going to shrivel up and die must have loved the hot humid weather and turned into a beast!
The flowers and herbs went crazy too as you can see above - and the mystery plant - turns out to be pumpkins. We think. Maybe. Tomorrow starts a new fresh week of camps with Printmaking and I just can't wait! See you tomorrow!

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moe said...

hello susan! love the new look. your zucchini looks amazing!