April 26, 2010

Brooklyn, how we love thee!

one amazing meal at downtown atlantic
the brooklyn flea was fun
we walked across the brooklyn bridge at night
not brooklyn, but it sort of sums it up ...
It's always great to have a vacation and to come home and reflect on the time away. It's always BETTER when we do the vacation in Brooklyn with our good friends Cogen/Johnson. What a great trip - art, music, friends, tea,walking tours, food, food, food, flea, bridge walking, bagel/bialy eating, oh wait, yes, that is food. Our trip took us most everywhere around with plenty left to go back again and see. One of the highlights of our trip for me was the Maira Kalman exhibit. It was simply a stunner of a show with a whole room lit from the top (European style) with a skylight flooding the room with natural light. Her work from the Inauguration series was there along with some of my favorite pieces of hers - the oysters, the teacup. It was truly beautiful!
We came back to a refinished gallery too - the plaster work was done and now our walls look smooth and fabulous! A face lift! We are amazed at how much the little details make always. And it shows off the work on the walls even better. If you haven't seen this show - you simply must. Lisa's work is completely iconic and Kim Westad's complements it perfectly. There are still some small works left - perfect for mother's day -- or yourself perhaps? Stop by and say hello!

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