March 31, 2010

Pink Ranunculus

the last of the flowers i bought for the opening. pretty, huh?

March showers better bring April flowers because we have had more than enough. Flooding everwhere, gray skies and somber moods prevail. Today the weather man said it should break. We hope so before we do! What's the weather like over in your neck of the woods?


Dana Barbieri said...

Same weather here in NY. Starting tomorrow the conditions will greatly improve. So thankful for that!Pretty photo!

Lila said...

Gorgeous flower. Unfortunately for me, its snowing here and all my tulips are freezing! Ya gotta love good weather!
Lila Ferraro
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flossy-p said...

It is sunny and clear here today. The sky is that saturated robin-egg colour, and the birds are singing a loud chorus. The air is starting to cool a little now, leaving the humid Summer behind... but still warm overall.

We are glad our wet season was shorted than usual this year, giving us these clean fresh days early.

Soon it will be Winter though, urgh. For now we shall enjoy Autumn though, as it deserves to be.