March 19, 2010

List of good things

a nest we found two years ago in our front yard bush
Oh March, how you have tired to bat me down, with your floods, your endless dark skies and extra silly work which never comes in any other month. It's true, each March I think that I might be best taking a nice vacation somewhere warm or simply elsewhere... sigh. So today I decided to take the lead from Liane (you gotta go see her blog,if you haven't) I wanted to list some good things this Friday. The past two weeks has been very wearing on me and Liane reminded me that there really are some great things I have to list, to remember:

1. best husband ever
2. best daughters ever
3. my life
4. four full days of sunshine
5. best job ever (includes my students, our artists, staff and partners)
6. perfect shade of gray paint
7. freeda
8. mom back to good health
9. succulents
10. dark chocolate with seasalt by Lindt

Passing this on to you - post your good things or leave them below...


red-handed said...

Uh ... you forgot creamsicle ice-cream and Edward Hopper paintings. Man, do I have to remind you about *everything*?

Susan Schwake said...

oh gee, yes, you are right. cremesicle icecream IS a good thing. big time and edward hopper. hey, i am just trying to be cheery amidst this mess of MARCH. trying to keep the head above the water and not simply expire from all the gloom! ;)
thanks for the reminder.

Carole said...

I love the positive vibe of this post - we all need to take count of the good stuff around us everyday. I try my darndest to do this everyday.

Anonymous said...

just checking in and what a great update. glad all is well - matt wyatt

Anonymous said...

1,2,3,6 & 10... ditto!!! Hi I am Wendy and just popping in to say I like your work. It is one of my dreams to open a gallery one day. Any advice for me?