March 26, 2010

Camilla Stacey :: Artist Interview

fortune teller by camilla stacey

Hello Friday! I have been messing about with a new blog look and well, it's been many years with the old one so it was time - right? More fun than that however - was putting together this
little late afternoon post with another wonderful Artist Interview - this time with the other half of Calm Air All Ice -- Camilla Stacey!

I have been friends with Camilla now online for a few years, and have followed her work and am pretty sure that once we finally meet in person, much cake, tea, and chatter would ensue. For now, I have to catch her online and hopefully here, bring her a little closer to you all. I really admire her work and am thrilled to be part of the "52" show. Especially when it's so appropriate a number for me! So here you go - Camilla Stacey!

the Room 212 space in Bristol, England all images via Camilla Stacey

What brought you two together?

Camilla: Many years ago (2003) I decided I wanted to learn to knit, so I thought the best way of learning was to start up a Stitch’n’Bitch group in the shop and gallery that I co-founded (here). Claire was one of the people who came along to the meetings, and also took part in some of the odd craft shows we ran in the basement, as well as being part of one of the exhibitions (Knit One, Build One) that was held to coincide with National Architecture week.

What are each of your favourite media to work with and why?

Camilla: I love working with found materials, old paper, ink, graphite, masking tape, brush pen, photocopier. Although I’m drawn to colour a lot I mainly end up working in monochrome, I’ve yet to work out why this happens, but I think I’m a bit scared of colour.

What does a good art day look like for each of you?

Camilla: Making something! I am one of those irritating people that spends long periods of time and then has a sudden burst of energy and usually makes it all come together at the last minute. This always frustrates me because I’m sure if I went for the slow and steady approach I would make better/more work, but I’ve tried to change my ways and it isn’t happening. I love it when I’m in the studio and I’m just head down drawing, or splashing ink around, when it’s all flowing and I know where I’m going- I rarely have a vision of the finished thing, the process is much more important to me than the end product, but I know when it’s not working and I love solving the problems and making it right.
What artists inspire you?

Camilla:Obviously you do Susan! I admire anyone who can curate and have their own practice as well, as that’s my aim for the future, but it’s a balancing act and I’m not sure how anyone does it. Lots of my other inspirations are going to be taking part in the show- but for ones that we couldn’t fit into the gallery then I’d go for Annette Messanger, Marlene Dumas, Sophie Calle. (interviewer's note: blush!)

What other inspirations to you each have?

Camilla: Found photos, old books, sleeping, childhood, the landscape where I live, memory loss a slightly twisted sense of humour and interest in diseases you thought no-one got anymore and the sea

What is your vision for this exhibition?

Camilla:I thought that by inviting lots of other artists to show in the space it would make it much easier for us to organize, rather than just Claire and I sharing the space as we did last year. I was wrong. My vision for this exhibition is to come out of it alive, I think Claire is more optimistic and hopes to tour a show similar to this in the future to other parts of the UK/World/Universe.


Camilla said...

Yay! Thankyou so much Susan!

Susan Schwake said...

thank you camilla i love the photos and the one of the 212 gallery is so much fun! rainer said that it reminded him of artstream. i have to agree!