February 08, 2010

It Takes Two - the opening!

Hello Monday! What a wonderful packed weekend we enjoyed - from the show hanging on Wednesday night to the final piece being the opening on Saturday evening. It was a fun time with "pairs or go together" nibbles (thanks for the great idea Amber) of "snow peas and baby carrots" chips and dip (sweet potato and hummus) strawberries and chocolate and of course Recees cups (pb and chocolate). But besides that, the evening was so enjoyable with patrons hailing from all over. Two lovely women read about the event on design*sponge and made the trip up from Boston, Mati's parents and friends stopped by, Scott Patt and Lisa DeJohn and Megan and Chuckie were on hand to answer questions about their art. And a lot of couples! Ah love! Above scenes from the evening.
Thanks to Lisa Congdon too this morning for a lovely write up on Poppytalk!


Rita Vindedzis said...

What a fabulous idea for an art show theme especially for the month of February. Well done. The opening looks like it was fun!

moe aka swampgirl said...

Long time, no see!! You've been having fun I see.

This looks like such a fun show. Megan and Chuckie are adorable!