February 22, 2010

Getting away from it all ...

the pink/red barn across from the historic beaver mill
the pretty white porch in the house where we stayed
And collapsing. Rainer and I took off to the great state of Massachusetts. Over to the western portion of the state where the hills are pressed together like Parker House rolls and the tiny little cities are all shades of grey, this time of year. Grey buildings, grey factories, grey pavement and grey trees. Lots and lots of grey trees. Grey skies with the occasional blue patch popping through. The snow which there was very little of was indeed grey too. On our little tool around town however we met up with this fabulous red-pink barn which cheered me enormously. That and the bright colors of Sol Lewitt's wall paintings. And quiet time on the red red couch with my husband. What did you do this weekend?
i had/have a cold, but enjoyed it so much anyway.


Jodi Anderson said...

The barn is so delightful. What a treasure.

This weekend was somewhat lazy, quite relaxing, and a little productive ... Just the way that I like it!

Geek+Nerd said...

That looks amazing! My mom came down to visit me on Saturday and I took her out for sushi. We ordered way too much food, and they gave us a complimentary dessert on top of it. We could've rolled out of there. Sunday I rehearsed with my dance company and made a pretty pillow :)

susanna said...

A pink and red barn! That would be joyful sight in the middle of a grey winter'd day. And how sweet is this photo of you and your honey! Awww!