December 30, 2009

The Last Word of the Year

It's been a beautiful, terrifying, brilliant, sad, wildly fun, deeply moving, artful year in retrospect. The past nine years was by far the best of my life and I have so much to be thankful for. However, the past week has been difficult. Right up to the 23rd of December things were
going ahead of schedule. The first amarylis bloomed! All gifts made
a little typewriter for Matt

and wrapped, gingerbread house decked out
thank you Chloe and Mary
cookies made and packaged and delivered, cards written and sent, decorations up
the sweet angel Chloe made at age 4
and sparkly,
Chloe and Nicole fashioned a mum wigged friendly snowperson!
snowman made, time well spent with family and friends, even some naps ... and then -- my mom got really sick - hospital sick. So we packed up a little Christmas and spent it in the hospital. Lots of tests later and loads of worry, she came home on Saturday. Then I fell apart and got sick. Then daughter Chloe. So now, we are hoping for a healthy 2010, the fabulous new decade filled with everything wonderful for you and yours and ours.

My word for the New Year is - promise - as in: there is so much promise all around us waiting to bloom. Just let it happen!

p.s. I think that we might have to start the New Year right with a little batch of this yummy looking goodness!


andrea said...

Sorry to hear about all the illness but glad you are all on the mend. best wishes for a happy and Healthy New Year :)

red-handed said...

Ah, but when Healthy comes back you'll be so nice to him this time. Take care, Susan!

Geek+Nerd said...

Oh Susan, sorry to hear that you had a trying Christmas! Ours was similar. I was very sick as well, and my brother-in-law was in the hospital for four days. Not fun stuff. I hope that you and yours are on the mend, and that you can toast your health on New Years!

Anna Lloyd said...

Hi Susan, Thank you so much for the package in the mail, I received it last week. The artwork will take pride of place in my home.

Happy New Year!!
love, Anna

Rita Vindedzis said...

Susan, sorry to hear about all the sickness ad It's great that everyone is on the mend. All the best for a fabulous 2010 and beyond.
Rita xo

Beate Knappe said...

Sorry to hear about all the illness, and I hope you are going better soon and I wish you a wonderful new year

Jan Halvarson said...

hope you are feeling better over there! best wishes for 2010!

Regina said...

Happy New Year. Hope you are all on the mend.

I am definitely trying that popcorn~ YUM!!

Unknown said...

It seems ages that I have commented here....

All my wishes to you and your family for a new year filled with good health, creativity...and promise!!