November 23, 2009

Poppytalk : Holiday Gift Market

Happy Monday all! Hope that your weekend was a brilliant as mine. So much to do at this time of year, with family, friends and cooking. I hope to share a little bit of all of it with you this week leading up to my favorite holiday of them all, Thanksgiving. This morning I already have prepared the cranberries - I really love the way they look in the pot, the hand and the bog, their alizarin red just sparkles! Tomorrow will pick up the Turkey for brining, and daughter Grace from college, so baking will have to wait until Wednesday. We are having 12 guests for the holiday so it should be a lot of fun this year - and the weather calls for snow! It doesn't get better than this in New Hampshire. Of course I will have to come back and read this post mid March when I am tearing my hair out with the copious amounts of snow we will have then.

A new show is coming up next week in our gallery so stay tuned to see some peeks of it. It's going to be an amazing double header! IPS 2 and Wandering the Treeline. OoooOOoooh.

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