September 30, 2009

Ana Ventura : Dreams are my Reality

Ana Ventura, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

Orange is one of my favorite colors and this original silkscreen by Ana Ventura makes good use of the color orange! Part of our IPS show (stay tuned for a new edition coming out in December) it's in the shop for purchase. Part of the orange celebration today going on at Poppytalk!
Also - remember this is the last day of the Vision of Squam Show so hop on over to get your artwork - fast! The coupon is still good for this colorful week too - code: color at the end of your checkout!
I am heading off to a design client this morning and then to Concord for a birthday lunch with Megan Bogonovich. Maybe i'll get a few sneak peek photos of her newest work for our show in December!
Have a beautiful day!


red-handed said...

Orange is so tops.

This Makes My Day said...

So significant and strong, nice illustration, I would love to have it on my wall.