July 13, 2009

My illustrations in ON magazine

I was so happy today when the ON magazine arrived in my mailbox. I had sent a group of tiny watercolors to them for use in this article and set of recipes by Carolyn Dille and wasn't sure how they would use them.
I like what they did and now can exhale. Today must have been the most perfect day of days in the summer here. Big blue skies, dry air and when arriving home poking around the basil patch of my garden I spied a hummingbird at rest on our tomato cages. How did your day go?


We Blog Artists said...

It's a wonderful illustration...you must be beaming how it turned out!
My day was a long one...my girls tested me ALL day long, but, I did get a picture completed for my sister...will post later this week.

lisa solomon said...

they look so great susan!

i love when i spy hummingbirds :)

Rita Vindedzis said...

These illustrations look lovely Susan!! Happy you had a wonderful day. We're having a perfect summer day here today. I'm painting away in studio and working on a demo.

Susan Schwake said...

thanks gals! oooh the weather is grand here - finally...
maybe when i get home tonight i will spy another hummingbird lisa... the bee balm is a good lure it seems!