July 03, 2009

Glue Prints :: a mini tutorial

Hello all! It's been a fun week at the studio with the printmaking camp in progress. Looking at all the beautiful prints in the gallery has been inspiring to the students as well as thinking up their own ideas!
One of the most free form styles of printmaking - glue prints - something we enjoyed making yesterday. I thought I would share a little mini tutorial with you on this fun process.
First get out the white liquid glue and a piece of cardboard a little or a lot smaller than your paper.
Enjoy the flow of the glue and don't worry about any real details.
Let it dry overnight
In the morning, using a brayer, spread ink over the dried glue
Place your paper on top of the inked glue and cardboard
Rub like mad with your fingertips!
Pull off the paper and admire your work.
Add color or collage pieces if you like
Of course you can do so much more printing with the glue
"plate" ... I will let you think up some on your own - let me know what you come up with!


Rita Vindedzis said...

This looks like so much fun I think I'll try some. Thanks to your little budding artists (and you) for the inspiration

Sonya Philip said...

I love this idea! Thanks so much for posting about it. Cannot wait to try it with my kids.

Gallery32 said...

I am excited to try this. What a great way to use old boxes and cardboard :)

Susan Schwake said...

well, it's a fun one and always is a hit and even the "misses" can turn out pretty special...

Celeste Maia said...

You always have such interesting posts! Really enjoyed the last ones, your world is so beautiful and stimulating. I am going to try your printmaking with my grandchildren when they come to visit.
Last 10 days I "disappeared" into a world of discovery and joy, it was like a spring scherzo!

Susan Schwake said...

why thank you celeste! :) hope you have fun with the printmaking ...

Guerilla Embroidery said...

Glue printing is actually a unit I am considering teaching in my new job. Thanks for this mini tutorial - I particularly like the idea of collage afterwards. Thanks!