June 29, 2009

Hello Monday!

north window allegedly summer ...
Hello!  I hope your weekend was as lovely as ours was. We had beautiful weather Friday and Saturday - just right for taking  Chloe to  Camp Bernadette (her last year) and a Saturday night with friends over having dinner in the garden with us. Raining (yet again)here today, but that doesn't dampen my spirits -- it's Rainer's birthday and we are going to have some fun. 
delphinium 6.29 - about two weeks late
Earlier this morning I had to dash out to the garden to cut the blue delphinium which had fallen over with the weight of the rain. Sad to bring them inside, but better than letting the mud and the slugs (one came in on a blossom... oh ew!) get at them!
So, off to the art camps for the morning and on to the festivities later... 

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susanna said...

Happy birthday, Rainer! Hope you all had a wonderful birthday celebration. And camp - fun!