May 14, 2009

Meaghan Parker :: Doodle 4 Google finalist!

So, today a senior at our very own Rochester Spaulding High School is up for a national prize at the "Doodle 4 Google" contest. Her work is above and click here to vote for her! Go Meaghan! She is so sweet. Check her out on the New England news right here.

--- her entry doodle is above and her words below--- go vote for Meaghan!

I Wish

I wish for more hope, hope for the future. I wish there was more love. Love for the environment and people. I wish for more joy. I wish for peace, a movement for it. I wish for more trees. I wish for gay rights, now.

Name: Meaghan Parker

Age: 17


City, State: Rochester, NH


zsY said...

that's awesome! love the colors...

Jeremiah MayBee said...

Thanks Meaghan! Love an acceptance for EVERYONE is important. It is beautiful to see the youth of today working toward equality for everyone! It brings me to near-tears to know that America's children see equality before most of America's adults. Thank you!