May 04, 2009

Opening and opening day!

mimi kirchner and guests viewing the work at the IPS
Whew! It's off and running - the Incredible Print Show opened on Friday with the reception on Saturday. Lots of nice comments, purchases and general feel good vibes in the gallery over this show. Visions of the show are at the flickr account for you to view and Rainer has been busy updating the site page so you can roll over the photos to enlarge as well as click through to shop!

Saturday was also opening day at the softball field for girls' softball team artstream. They won 15-3 - but they are such good sports and friendly in the league with  girls on the other team that there was extreme good sportmanship (or girl-ship!) among them all.  There was a lot of sun and general happiness floating around the park amidst the smell of popcorn and hot dogs and a feeling of good times in the air. Ah summer, it's all within reach now. 

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