March 06, 2009

Roger Borg

a stacked lamp by Roger Borg

12.19.7p, enamel on aluminum

4.24.7a, enamel on aluminum

2.18.6a, enamel on aluminum,
I received a delight for the eyes in my inbox this morning from artist Roger Borg. I don't know how he knew about my passion for neon and tube bending, but there it was. Beautiful sculptures and lamps and then, what is this? Yes -- he paints too! Here are a few of my favorite pieces from his site, but I urge you to click through here to view much more of his work and writings. What a wonderful way to start off my Friday - Thank you Roger!

(photos of )paintings by Roger Borg enamel on aluminum
How did I get interested in neon? In the 80's while visiting Los Angeles I found MONA, and was hooked.

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