January 30, 2009


an egg tempra painting "two" 12x16 inches 2006
This is a repost from May 06. This week I had thought about this poem I had written so long ago. Today I decided I had to search my archives to find it. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend with plenty of quiet..

soft breath leaves no traces
on the window
at the station.

where the tracks had led
through inky holes.

snake like paths
bend, twist
right, then left, then right again.

trees flick past one, two, three, ten
faster and faster until they blend into

the smoky chalk buildings holding
bronze reflections of the motion
flying past.

exhale. the window fogs gently.
shapes push past one another, moving with
the rhythm of the tracks.

a divide in the masses.
a small black and white form
a face, a hand, a smile,

Susan Schwake

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Anonymous said...

This captures the feeling of being on a train perfectly and you painting is absolutely beautiful. I especially like the warmth conveyed on the figures' cheeks. Is egg tempera a difficult medium to paint with?