November 07, 2008


For illustration friday this week, the prompt was wise. I thought it would be wise to praise where praise was due. So I made this little mini poster today. The wisest choices in my life are being involved with two of the most beautiful, understanding loving people. You both know who you are.

Tonight's the night! Drop in at artstream, for the Lasting Impressions bash - it's sure to be full and fun here at artstream! And for the rest of you out there, take a peek online and have a wonderful weekend!


Connie said...

You and these two are lucky!

? said...

I love this image and also hoping to be a regular visitor to your blog, time permitting.
Best wishes

Susan Schwake said...

thanks to you both!

angela said...

my dear... you yourself too are the best of them all. so i hope that you were a bit of that praise yourself in a prompt of yourself...

because, you yourself are that mirror for the beauty and the understanding and the love as well...

and wise.

what a lovely prompt. what a lovely intuition and translation of that prompt.