September 29, 2008

Faith Ringgold Exhibition

Faith Ringgold dolls, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

This past weekend we visited daughter Grace at Keene State. Much to my delight we found that the Thorne-Sagendorf Gallery at the college had a double billing - Faith Ringgold and contemporary Maori and Aboriginal artwork.
I flipped. I have missed at least three times, the chance to see some of her work and Saturday not only did we see her quilts, her masks but also the entire artwork and words to Tar Beach as well as these amazing art dolls. Click through the photo to see some more of her work there.


Anonymous said...

daughter grace says she misses youse!

Sweet Mess said...

What a wonderful thing to get to see Faith Ringgold's work in person. I hope I get a chance to someday as well!

P.S, I love reading your blog!