August 25, 2008

rainbow tomatoes

rainbow tomatoes, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

A quick pop in to say happy Monday. Here is a spectacular shot from daughter Grace before she hopped off to college on Sunday. Of course we had to go replace her hard drive on her mac book on the way ... thank goodness for local Apple stores. It gave up the go the night before we were to leave, but they popped another one in and she was 100% by the day's end. Phew.

I will be posting as much as I can over the next two weeks, with some great new works coming into the gallery, new links and lots of fun photos from our trip too.
Just a lot on our plates right now! Squam Arts Workshop is coming up on the 10th and I have a few details to wrap up with our next exhibition too! Did you miss what we have been showing all summer? I hope not! Take a peek over here at the shop to see what we have left of "Pigmentary Portraits"... it's beautiful!
My mother has been ill as well, so perhaps there will be less posts than normal until mid month. Who knows!?
Be good everyone and keep your sunny side up!


Geek+Nerd said...

Great picture. My tomatoes are finally turning as well!

I'm sorry to hear the news about your mum. You and she are in my thoughts.

Claire, said...

Nice rainbow. (and beautiful garden and cute house behind)
I'm sorry your mother is ill, I'll say a little prayer for your family.
Look forward to your posts.
Best warm regards.

lisa solomon said...

your tomatoes look amazing....

i hope things w/ mom go as smoothly as possible.

indiaartist said...

Beautiful tomatoes, almost wanted to paint them!

AscenderRisesAbove said...

wow - that is an amazing shot! I have not seen anything like that before

Jan Halvarson said...

i wish i had tomatores!

Anonymous said...

Oh that IS a terrific photograph of the tomatoes. How neat is it that the colours slowly move from bright orange to green...pretty.

And Grace is back at college? Fun! I'm sure she missed her friends. Good luck to her this term! :)

And I hope your mom feels better soon. It always pulls the heart when our moms are ill.