August 15, 2008

Lisa Solomon Tyrian

Lisa Solomon Tyrian, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

Lest I forget to mention my thrill to return to the gallery today and see the beautiful work from Lisa and Lisa on the walls, I would be amiss.

This Tyrian piece is one of my favorites. Notice the dog? The crown? The beautiful shell? One of the many works from Pigmentary Portraits, still available here at the shop. This is the time to invest in great art. To have something real in your home which is not digital nor poster-ized. Need some time to mull it over? OK, do so, but it comes down on Sept. 4th. Need some time to pay? No problem! We have layaway. And love to do so. Just ask.
Happy weekend lovely readers. Sunshine is abundant here with my thoughts turning to the beach. What are your plans for this wonderful magical time we call summer?

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heather smith jones said...

that is such a beautiful piece. i like the delicate lines so much.