July 24, 2008

Sign sign everwhere a sign

the words say it all, originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

We noticed the movie sign late on Saturday night and just had to take a photo.
Read it all together.
It could be the first lines of a novel. or something like that. A sign of humor. Do you think that the kids that put the letters up did this perhaps as a subtle joke?
hee hee hee.
Rain continues here, flooding everywhere, but we are keeping happy.
Hope the sun shines over your way....


Anonymous said...

nice! signs are so interesting when you take them out of context or make them concrete. i love doing that.

i'll send you out a casey driessen CD next week!

paintings are coming along ...

Anonymous said...

ps ... wasn't your post title a Good Rats song?

Susan Schwake said...

indeedy swampie! indeedy!
it was fun to read it literally and
yes! good rats. tee hee.

Anonymous said...

The rain has been horrible. I hope it hasn't caused any problems for you. The sign is a riot. Nice catch!