July 10, 2008

painting - the gallery.

painting - the gallery., originally uploaded by artstreamstudios.

A huge chore, worthwhile, yet a huge space to whiten up!
Click through to see notes on the photo. Our intern has been doing the lion's share of the actual brush and stroke bit. Me? Worrying about the details.
At least today is one of the most perfect stellar dry air, sunshine, summer days we dream of in February!
prost to everyone ... it's IPA time.


Geek+Nerd said...

It's looking good! Enjoy the well deserved IPA :)

Loving Her Beautiful said...

Hi, Susan,
Ah, white. Is there a better backgound anywhere? It's so perfect for adding light, and highlighting everything else. Best wishes -- it looks marvelous!

Camilla said...

OOH i'll join you in that IPA! I can't wait to see the two Lisa's new work.

angela said...

oh susan... it looks beautiful. it looks wonderful. wish i could have been there to help. i think we could have had some serious fun with that...

and probably managing to paint ourselves too.

loves to you... and we'll talk later tonight!


kate said...

Oh this space looks so simple and beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Very inviting, love the airy feel.

Jan said...

I love fresh, white walls. It looks from your photo that you use a warm white(?)...if I'm right,would you share which white you use?