May 01, 2008

Modern Spring

heather smith jones

albina mc phail

mary o'malley

small vase #1 megan bogonovich

susan schwake

erik boettcher

Our new show Modern Spring, featuring Heather Smith Jones, Albina McPhail and Mary O'Malley opens tomorrow night right here at artstream. As always, the work will be in the shop and ready to go at 5 p.m. tomorrow night. Along with these lovely ladies 2-d work - (it's all mixed media) we will have 28 new modern springtime vases from Megan Bogonovich and new smaller and larger pieces from Erik Boettcher!

Each artist has a wonderful range of work from small art and vases starting at $35 and going up to larger scale works. Most of the work in the main gallery is on paper, with Albina's pieces are in canvas.
In the equinox gallery we have new works from Erik Boettcher and yours truly - my little fruit collages.
So here is a little peek - more to come... busy today with paint, filler, sander, you have heard my drill before...
Have a great sunny Thursday!


rivergardenstudio said...

What a beautiful set of paintings. I love the modern touch combined with more traditional renderings of these gifts from nature.
Your blog is wonderful and so is your banner. I will be back to see more! Thanks for sharing, Roxanne

Susan Schwake said...

why thank you roxanne - it is a wonderful show. thanks for the kind words!

One Crabapple said...

Happy MAy Day Darling !

I see you have left us a Lovely Basket of Flowers with this lot here !


Mim said...

Hi, I was trolling for art, a very dirty habit of mine, and found your blog. I love the blog, very interesting. I went to the galleries site, I was trying to find out of the Erik Boettcher you have pictured is for sale?
Thanks I will be back.

Susan Schwake said...

hi michelle,
thanks for stopping by! erik's work is in our online shop as well as live in the gallery.
just pop over here: