May 06, 2008

Paper Mache - Little Projects Tutorial

first you tape together two recycled styrofoam cups and then add a third for the top!

then you mix up the goo (white glue and water) and dip your paper strips in!

you paint it pretty colors with acrylic paint and then add visual texture with bubble wrap - POP!

pick some stray branches up outside and take small tissue squares and wad them up.
dip them into a little white glue and press them onto the branches!

With a couple of my younger students we made some mother's day gifts with recycled foam cups, paper mache and acrylic paint. Yesterday we made little "flowering" branches to tuck inside.
Sweet and handmade. Just the way we like it!


Anonymous said...

Those are fabulous! What a great mother's day gift. You are so clever and crafty! :)

albina said...

Those are so cute -- young artists, as well as their arts!

Anonymous said...

how fun and adorable! the finished products look great!

One Crabapple said...

ahhh this is great. I took notes too.