May 14, 2008


Just yellow today blooming sunny wonderful yellow. Here is the only living bloom in my garden {so far} and my little yellow splash of Farron Young. It's an original ink/watercolor painting on vintage German correspondance from '38
Show me your yellow! In the comments below feel free to leave your yellow photo links.
Sunshine is good!


Anonymous said...

That little print is so lovely. We have many things blooming and growing down here in Southeastern Virginia. Here is some yellow.

Camilla said...

A sure sign that summer is on it's way:
chips on the seafront.

LadyLinoleum said...

I wish I had some yellow. Oh! I do! I forgot!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for yellow and sunshine! I bought a great yellow couch for our family room and everytime I sit on it, it makes me so happy.
Glad sunshine is finally in your neck of the woods.