May 05, 2008

Busy wonderful weekend!

Hello Monday! The sun has finally arrived back in our neck of the woods and is a welcomed sight after a long rainy week/end. Our Modern Spring opening was a smash and we are thrilled to offer such a variety of work through this exhibit, both online and in person (do drop in!)
mary o malley's wall
In other news, we have joined the large community of sporting leagues - *yes you read that right* here in Rochester and we now support a girls softball league. GO team artstream! Opening day was Saturday and the off and on showers did NOT dampen our team's spirits. They are a great strong group of girls and we are proud to be part of the gang. Someone mentioned that we should unfurl a piece of large artwork during the 7th inning stretch...
artstream team

team artstream member at the opening of Modern Spring
A couple of shots of the gallery from Saturday when we were just about done for the day. View more of them at my flickr and online shop.

albina mcphail

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Geek+Nerd said...

I love that Artstream is supporting a team! You make Rochester a better place!